Month: December 2019

worried physician

Fact Check: There Will Be No Job Losses in Healthcare Under a Public Option in Colorado

December 11, 2019 / Jared Polis

At a recent forum in Loveland, a senior advisor to Governor Jared Polis denied there was any possibility of job losses in the healthcare sector under the administration’s proposed public option. But this blanket assertion isn’t credible and ignores the pleas of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals from all across Colorado.

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small business owners discussing finances

Fact Check: Does the Business Community Really Support the Polis Administration’s Public Option?

December 9, 2019 / Small Business Majority

A national group called the Small Business Majority recently published a column claiming the proposed public option “will greatly help our state’s job creators and small business employees access the affordable health coverage they need for their growth and success.” But upon closer examination, the group is misrepresenting the real concerns of the Colorado business community to provide political cover for the Polis administration.

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