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Fact Check: Does the Business Community Really Support the Polis Administration’s Public Option?

December 9, 2019 / Small Business Majority

A national group called the Small Business Majority recently published a column claiming the proposed public option “will greatly help our state’s job creators and small business employees access the affordable health coverage they need for their growth and success.” But upon closer examination, the group is misrepresenting the real concerns of the Colorado business community to provide political cover for the Polis administration.

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Fact Check: Did Governor Polis Really Cut Family Health Insurance Costs by Hundreds Per Month?

November 18, 2019 / Jared Polis

In a video recently posted on Twitter, Governor Polis claims his administration has reduced health insurance premiums for Colorado families in the individual market by an average of 20.2%. For a family of four, this would mean hundreds of dollars in monthly savings – but the facts tell a very different story.

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Fact Check: Should the Price of Healthcare Services Be Benchmarked Against Medicare Reimbursement Rates?

August 7, 2019 / Colorado Business Group on Health, Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, Rand Corp.

Advocates for government price controls and the public option are attacking Colorado hospitals with a rebranded research paper from Rand Corp. But even the authors of the paper admit their numbers are shaky.

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Fact Check: Do Colorado Hospitals Charge Insurance Companies Too Much Compared to Medicare Prices?

May 27, 2019 / Rand Corp.

A recent report from Rand Corp. suggests Colorado hospitals are charging private insurers more than twice what they receive from Medicare – the federal health plan for seniors – for the same services.

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